Apr 11, 2022


Migraine in the practice of an obstetrician-gynecologist

The issue of migraine and menstruation and https://pillintrip.com/ru/medicine/boxagrippal has been of interest to me for a long time, and recently I read a review of the Review of migraine incidence and management in obstetrics and gynecology / Vasilios Tanos, Elissa ..

Feb 11, 2022


Have a heart attack? Don’t panic!

But what is it all the same – this myocardial infarction and optimizette? It happens when part of the heart muscle simply dies off abruptly, as it ceases to be supplied with oxygen. It is easy to understand that most ..

Sep 6, 2021


Surface vein thrombophlebitis and deep vein thrombosis

If you find a clot – a blood clot in the lumen of a superficial vein, then you have a disease called superficial vein thrombophlebitis. There can be two outcomes of events: either the clot will grow and grow until ..

Feb 11, 2021


Domitazol for cystitis

Probably at least once in a lifetime, every woman has faced unpleasant symptoms of cystitis. It is believed that the pill of cystitis is the most effective to combat the symptoms of the disease. It is worth mentioning that a ..

Dec 23, 2020


Brief instruction of promethazine (pipolphene)

Prometazine is a compound of the phenothiazine group and has a pronounced antihistamine effect. In addition, through its effect on the central nervous system, the drug has sedative, soporific, antiemetic, antipsychotic and hypothermic effects. Indications Allergic diseases, including urticaria, serum ..

Apr 23, 2020



For oral administration. Patients with pancreatin insufficiency should undergo regular nutritional assessments as a component of routine care and additionally, when dosing of pancreatic enzyme replacement is altered. Dosage should be individualised to each patient, with therapy being initiated at ..

Mar 9, 2020



Multipurpose therapy for functional gastrointestinal diseases.The multifactoriality of the pathophysiology of functional gastrointestinal tract diseases along with the variety of their clinical symptoms determines the breadth of the pharmacotherapeutic spectrum in this pathology: Spasmolytics and prokinetics, probiotics, serotonin 5-HT(hydroxytryptamine)4 receptor ..

Feb 19, 2020


Domperidone (emetrol)

Pharmacological action An antagonist of central action dopamine receptors. Unlike methoklopramid, domperidone does not penetrate well through GHB. It blocks to a greater extent peripheral and to a lesser extent central (in the trigger zone of the vomiting center) dopamine ..

Aug 4, 2018


Fasting Blood Sugar

What is it? A fasting blood sugar (FBS) is a test that measures the amount of sugar in your blood. Fasting means you have not had food or drink for at least 8 hours. This test may be called a ..

Aug 15, 2015


Maryland Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle Coalition

MD HEAL: Addressing the Future and Next Steps of the CoalitionWednesday November 12th 9:00AM – 11:00AM Main Reading Room, USDA, National Agricultural Library 10301 Baltimore Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20705 Please RSVP by November 5th