Domitazol for cystitis

Feb 11, 2021


Domitazol for cystitis

Probably at least once in a lifetime, every woman has faced unpleasant symptoms of cystitis. It is believed that the pill of cystitis is the most effective to combat the symptoms of the disease. It is worth mentioning that a pill of cystitis will not provide effective treatment for cystitis. It is good to use a complex of medicines Domitazol. But everything in turn. What is the most effective remedy for cystitis? Let’s start with the concept of what cystitis is and why it occurs in women.

It is good to use a complex of medicines Domitazol
It is good to use a complex of medicines Domitazol

Description of the disease in women and men
In medicine, cystitis is called inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract. Women suffer from the disease more often. This fact is easily explained by the physiological characteristics of the female body. Men are much less likely to suffer from cystitis, only 20% suffer from this disease. The pathogens of the disease can be fungi or microorganisms that enter the urinary tract from the intestines. The most common are E. coli and staphylococci. A woman’s urethra is wide enough for the bacteria to enter the bladder quickly. However, the bacteria are not passed from the woman to the man, but the man can be a carrier of the bacteria
The first symptoms of cystitis are characterised by severe pain in the lower abdomen, frequent and ineffective visits to the toilet, there is a discharge, itching starts in the crotch. And the same symptoms are manifested in children. Rarely, the disease is accompanied by fever. If you have noticed these signs, then you need to consult a doctor urologist. If there is no such option at the moment, you need quick help. Try the following method at home: bed rest, drink plenty of water; if the pain is severe, take fast-acting painkillers (e.g. “No-shpa”). This will relieve the symptoms and improve your well-being. However, rapid treatment of cystitis is possible if the disease has not yet turned into a chronic form.
There are several basic forms of the disease: acute cystitis with blood and chronic cystitis. Acute cystitis is characterised by sharp and very severe pain that follows the patient almost constantly, and further intensified during urination and sexual intercourse. In chronic cystitis, the symptoms are not as pronounced, but are observed permanently. The chronic form of cystitis is often the result of improper or untimely treatment.
Cure cystitis with blood in women after the transition to the “chronic” is almost impossible, and even after seemingly completed the treatment of symptoms again and again back.

How quickly cure cystitis at home?

Cystitis at home is better treated with folk medicine, where you do not risk taking dubious drugs, thinking whether these yellow pills will help or not. If you drink infusions of the following herbs, such a “first aid” for cystitis will stop inflammation and the spread of bad microorganisms. Name of the herbs: St. John’s wort, chamomile, plantain, marshmallow.
If you decide to treat the symptoms at home with tablets, an effective remedy for cystitis are biologics. Such medicines are as effective as antibiotics and can be bought without a prescription, and hospital clothes can be bought on this website: pexels-photo-1884584These medicines work against the inflammation of the bladder and also have antiseptic properties. Properly selected pills for cystitis in women will be the key to a quick recovery.

Rules for treatment at home. What are they?

It is good to use a complex of medicines Domitazol
It is good to use a complex of medicines Domitazol

First, drink plenty of water and maintain a diet: exclude from your diet spicy, smoked, fatty foods. You should drink no less than 2 litres of fluid a day. Make it a habit to visit the toilet several times a day. And avoid hypothermia, not only during the illness but also in the cold season. Secondly, during treatment, take several categories of medicines in combination: anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antifungal, antibacterial, biologics. In this way, the treatment will be effective. Remember that medicines for cystitis are taken after the appointment of a urologist. And remember – you can get rid of cystitis quickly only if there is not a relapse.

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