Have a heart attack? Don’t panic!

Feb 11, 2022


Have a heart attack? Don’t panic!

But what is it all the same – this myocardial infarction and optimizette? It happens when part of the heart muscle simply dies off abruptly, as it ceases to be supplied with oxygen.

It is easy to understand that most often a heart attack occurs from diseases of the heart arteries (for example, their narrowing), which cease to perform their main job – to provide our heart with “fresh” oxygen-enriched blood.10

The pain arose in the right shoulder. Then she crawled to her chest and got stuck somewhere under the left nipple. Then, as if someone’s calloused hand penetrated the chest, grabbed the heart and began to squeeze it like a bunch of grapes. Squeezed slowly, diligently … The heart stopped. No, at first it fell down, like a sparrow falling on a window pane. … Suddenly [someone] grabbed a huge rusty nail, put it to the patient’s chest and nailed him with a strong blow of his fist …

– Take out the nails, I can’t take it anymore! – the patient pleaded

This is how the remarkable Soviet Georgian writer Nodar Dumbadze described the arrival of the disease (in the novel “Call of Eternity”). And he knew these sensations firsthand.

A heart attack strikes absolutely unexpectedly. And in the first minutes (God forbid, if minutes) you confront him alone, and you need to know how. According to statistics, almost 40% of deaths occur from it.

True signs

Sudden pressing, constricting, or “burning” or “tearing” pains in the chest. The pain can spread to the back and both arms, to the jaw, and even to the abdomen. Anxiety arises, but what is there anxiety – panic, an all-consuming fear of death, followed by shortness of breath and severe sweating.

By the way, many consider one of the signs of a heart attack – the body’s almost complete indifference to taking nitroglycerin. This is generally true, although nitroglycerin can provide some pain relief for a while.

When most often occurs a heart attack

He may come seemingly for no reason, for example, in a dream. Remember that the most dangerous time is 4-6 o’clock in the morning, when our blood becomes the slowest. If at this time you or your loved ones feel unwell – call an ambulance – do not wait for it to “resolve” by morning.

A heart attack is accompanied by unbearable physical activity. And of course – emotional stress. So, in 1950, at the World Cup in Brazil, after the final match, where the home team lost to Uruguay, 8 people were hospitalized with a heart attack. And that’s just the audience at the stadium. And in the country, no one counted them at all.

Hangover syndrome is also a great companion of a heart attack.

What anyone can do

If there are characteristic signs of a heart attack, even with their weak intensity – without hesitation, call an ambulance.
Never drive yourself!
If you are at home alone, leave the door open.
Open the windows.
Place a nitroglycerin tablet under your tongue. Drink aspirin (chew better). It thins the blood and can relieve torment. Sit or lie with a pillow under your back and head so your upper body is slightly higher than your lower body. Bend your legs at the knees – it will be easier for the heart to supply blood.
Risk factors

There are two groups of them, as in any disease. Those that we cannot change (but we can soften and prepare), and those that are in our hands.

The first are:blobid1633020677423

Heredity. There were strokes and heart attacks in the family – a great reason to be careful.
Floor. Men are more susceptible to heart attacks than women. For various reasons, including a more risky lifestyle, they are more likely to develop atherosclerosis – a disease of the arteries – which leads to heart attacks.
Age. In this matter, women are less fortunate, since their high-risk age begins with the onset of menopause, when hormones cease to protect blood vessels. Men have “youth” for 10 years longer.

What you can control yourself

Violation of lipid metabolism, or speaking in Russian – cholesterol level. Analysis for this level can be done at any clinic for free. We need cholesterol to build the same walls of blood vessels. But when there is a lot of it, it clogs up these vessels. Hence – heart attacks and strokes.

Pressure. If you often have it above 140 to 90, it is a good reason to see a doctor and start taking medication.

Smoking. Here doctors are categorical – to quit once and for all. Even a few months of smoke-free life can make a completely healthy citizen out of “pre-infarction”.

And of course – do not sit in a sitting position, it is better to put a pedometer in your favorite smartphone and try to take at least the notorious 10,000 steps a day. Forget the elevator to the second floor. And do not lean on “Olivier with vodka”: excess waist is a job not only for corsets and plastic surgeons, it is sometimes an unbearable burden for your blood vessels, and therefore for the heart.